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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 29, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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a kayaker sucked into a whirlpool needs his friends to save him. >> unless they can get to him, he really is on his own. >> why things are going to get worse before they get better. >> the whole thing is terrifying. >> a woman sings on an ended upd caught. >> this terrible accident came with one lucky twist. >> it's easy to see. this bus driver, not happy. what he does will smash and grab your attention. >> the buzz word at your shot
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for an ipad mini. going viral, a classroom class over the weather. >> it's raining. >> meet the mom who can settle one cute dispute. >> tara, was it raining or was it sprinkling? it was obviously sprinkling. >> this incredibly dramatic epic tv video almost became the moment kent brent lost his life. he was kayaking in mexico. you see that he is going down this river very smoothly. they knew that at the bottom there was a small whirl pool. if you go into it correctly you can get out of it. if you make a mistake, you get stuck. that is exactly what happened to kent. as you see in the video, he is now stuck in there. he is paddling away and fighting
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against this whirlpool. he ends up upside down but is able to right himself. you do see there are people there. his friends are trying to help him out. reality is that unless they can get to him, he really is on his own. >> they can't jump into this whirlpool. >> they would have to be ready for this kind of thing if they know this is that dangerous, i have to believe they are stand buying to help him out. >> somebody gets him a safety line. he grabs on to him. holding on to the line he ends up upside down again. >> it's all part of kayaking. it's what they love about it. >> after a very long struggle, you see that he does lose the kayak, but is able to get his way over to the side on to the rocks. grabbing on to the rope for dear life. and making it out alive.
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>> i was scared. it's clearly obvious this discussion did not end in a friendly way. this bus driver, not happy. according to loose translations, he got into some kind of discussions with the driver of that black car you see right there. the bus driver took that iron bar and started taking out windows. >> he's already knocked a giant hole in that back window. >> look at the guys with the ties and shirts. they are backing off like he's got an iron bar. there are four of us, but one of us could get hurt. >> boy, this is road rage. >> that guy is clearly a bit of a nut. i can't say i want this guy as a bus driver. >> you don't want someone angry. >> that's a little terrifying. what if you speak too loudly on the bus? you don't know what's going to set this guy off. >> this bus driver should be in control of school buses. that would scare the kids. if he gets upset, you in ever
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know what happens. luckily the police show up. this took place in brazil. you see here officially after some windows are taken out this guy takes up his jacket and backs up like, hey, man, i'm not bothering you. the police show up to sort everything out. >> looks like the guys in the car needed to get to a boy band concert. >> he takes the back window out, the side windows. that's serious anger issues. >> he wasn't playing. nobody tried to stop this guy. >> would you? >> like i said, i wouldn't. >> what in the world is going on here? >> pair of fingers caught in an escalator. >> it's an entire hand. caught in the railing of that escalator. the story behind this is terrifying and oddly remarkable. this woman was going up the escalator at this hospital when
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she fainted from exhaustion. to make this worse, she is pregnant. as she fainted, she held on to that railing. the railing continued carrying her up and over. she ended up getting her hand caught. but if you are going to get caught in an escalator, the best place to do it is in the hospital. you see them taking pieces of the escalator off. doesn't this look painful? the poor pregnant woman is down on her knees with her arm almost backwards. >> no hand should go in that direction. >> right. they gently slid her hand out of this. >> it's meaty there. >> i'm glad we are not seeing a lot of blood or mangled fingers. >> right. the hard part to think about is this woman is pregnant.
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you don't want to put a pregnant woman under any more stress. she's already dealing with exhaustion. you see the moment rescuers are able to get her hand free and the woman is expected to be okay. guess what, everybody? another rtm ipad mini winner. she is christina from chicago. congratulations. if you want to win an ipad mini, your chance is coming up in just a little bit. >> if you want your own fantastic feeling, you need friday's buzz word, be at least 18 xwreers old and a legal u.s. resident. >> "right this minute" ipad mini give away coming up. >> we have a video here. our family and kids are at a zoo. what we are seeing is what happens in nature. we have a bearded dragon which isn't as scary as it sounds. a snake is halfway down his
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throat. the snake is struggling. trying to do everything it can do to not be swallowed. >> it's a wrap for the snake though. >> well, would you think. that snake's got some force. >> he is certainly fighting. once he swallows, it's not done yet with the struggle. if you watch the stomach -- >> oh, my goodness. >> you can see the stomach moving as the snake is trying to get out from inside. >> wow. this is so disturbing. >> it's fascinating at the same time. you can hear the kids and parents commenting. no one is freaking out. it's just the way the world works. >> wow. >> a class for kids is a dream come true. >> fly like peter pan. awesome. >> why when you're in this school, you in ever want to grow up. >> when this truck hits the road
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you may see somebody driving with a laptop in their hand. judge, the future ride where nobody is driving.
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some day in the not too distant future, you may see somebody driving with a laptop. mercedes-benz created the future truck of 2025 that may be autonomous. it can drive itself. allowing the truck driver to kick back, relax. this is a great way to rest, but should we be encouraging them to mess around with their ipad? >> mercedes believes this will be a safer truck on the road to prevent sleepy drivers. where can we see it first? right now, california and arizona allow autonomous vehicles. most of the rest of the world does not. we'll see it in places that allow it. >> the italian riviera where this young man has just been
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hired to be a valet. there is a big high-profile red carpet event going on. after the beautiful exotic cars come through, watch what pulls up. an enormous volvo. the guy hands him the keys and the kid's like -- >> this actually was a bit of a prank put on by volvo to prove the point under the hood of their new truck is the engine of a sport car saying it's very easy to drive. they pranked the kids. >> seriously? this is brilliant on volvo's part. this does get that point across. >> have you ever seen baby turtles being born out of the sand curling over into the ocean? >> only on tv. >> i have another video for you that shows just that precious moment where all these little turtles are coming out of their
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little birthing spot. >> it's remarkable how many come out. >> they make their way automatically to the ocean. >> they look like they are getting help. >> they look like they have nets to protect them from getting eaten or found before they hatch. once they hatch, you see that some of the locals put them in little bins and dump them on to the beach. they know exactly what direction to go in. >> they jump into the waves and get washed back. >> they are in danger when they first get into the water. >> hopefully all those people there scare off the predators. >> survival of the fittest and all that. it's worked for a millenia. still working. >> you know what else is amazing? this video of these people diving. before they know it two, giant man-a-rays swim around them. one of them actually turns
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around and ends up swimming right toward this guy. >> that's spectacular. video like this makes me want to learn how to scuba dive. they look so alien. >> 98% of the male population of the world have a peter pan complex. we don't want to grow up. there is a school in germany looks like a place i wish i had gone when i was younger. this is from berlin. it's an aerial school for kids where they teach them to fly like peter pan. >> what? they do it for adults, too? >> i meant it's awesome. i have done it. >> what? you can fly. >> they have an awesome time. >> holy, moly. you would want to do homework in this class. >> they are lifting them up. they start getting more excited. start flying across the room. they start doing back flips. this would just be so much fun. you're a kid and running around the house with your superman
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cape on. that would be perfect to get dressed up and be the superhero you always imagined. >> they start flying across the room. the bit i like is towards the end they start doing matrix-style wire work. >> who is the worst guy at the dog park? >> is that the guy that doesn't use the bag after the dog does the do? >> meet him next "right this minute." >> still to come -- putting on a show to see how people respond to domestic abuse. >> you can tell me the truth! >> this guy gets physical with this actress that he's working with. you can see people instantly react with surprising results when the situation is flipped. >> we'll reveal the friday buzz word you need for a chance to win an ipad mini.
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domestic violence is on the top of the mind of people because of what's going on in the nfl. they did a social experiment and wanted to see how people react when they saw male on female abuse or female on male abuse.
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>> you can tell me the truth. >> this guy gets physical with this actress he is working with. you see people instantly react when they realize he's really getting physical with this girl. >> you don't talk to him. >> he looks like he is about to throw her into a wall. >> you all right? >> it's a social experiment. >> nobody is willing to listen to this man even though he is trying to tell them. >> thank you for telling me. >> but watch what happens when the man is getting abused. >> she is not pulling punches. >> other people see this couple fighting and don't pay attention. they think it's a girl getting mad at her man. every single time, nobody intervened when the man was abused. every single time it looked like the woman was being abused, people intervened.
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they think a man can't get abused by a woman, but they can. >> that's why that abuse goes unreported. the level of shame in it because of the reaction people give to the reverse. >> social stigma. >> yeah. there is a social stigma. i think men in this situation feel shame, when they shouldn't. it's domestic violence, regardless. >> a couple of guys up in british columbia assembling their ramp along the shores of the lake. it's i about time to have a little bit of fun. this is them having fun and parker making a video of them having fun. of course, a lot of speed. launching into the lake. boy, oh, boy -- i always dreamed of doing something like this. sadly, i never had access to a lake, a bicycle, a giant ramp and the testicles to do this.
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>> the po-po always have to ruin your fun. >> are you done for the day then? >> yeah. that was our last jump. >> this here is unlawful. >> how is that not lawful? >> who knows? >> at the end, the ramp was officially deemed unsafe to jump any more. they had ridden it into the ground. parker tells us the officers did not give them any tickets and he believes it's because of an elderly couple that vouched for them, informing the cops how respectful they were being of the area. >> that's nice of that couple. well done, older couple that loves the youngsters. >> they did slip them $50. >> no bribery. not in canada. get ready. we are about to give away another ipad mini. >> all you need to do is enter the buzz word. be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> and then head over to and click on
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that win ipad button. >> you can enter it on facebook or twitter or both. you can do that each and every day. >> are you ready for us to reveal friday's buzz word? >> i am ready. >> it's hobby. >> good luck, everybody. a disagreement about the weather gets physical when -- >> he broke my heart. >> the story behind the cutest dispute you've ever seen.
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>> it's sprinkling. >> no, it's raining. >> no.
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>> no, it's raining. >> the internet has just exploded with a whole new level of cuteness because this video is on it. >> it's sprinkling. >> no. it's raining. >> my mom told me it's sprinkling. >> little ty says it's sprinkling outside. these adorable twins are saying, no, it's raining outside. this is at room to bloom daycare in arkansas. >> it's raining. >> ow! >> no, it's not. >> yes, it is. >> you're not real. >> i'm real. >> they are going to start using flattery to get his way. >> and it's raining. >> he broke my heart.
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and that's raining. >> ow. >> he broke my heart. he broke my heart. he broke my heart. >> this whole video was shot by their teacher savannah. we have whitney, the mom of the twins, savannah known as miss nana, tiffany the owner of room to bloom and tara who is ty's mom all via skype right this minute. welcome to the show! moms, what did you think when miss nana showed you this video? >> it was just hilarious. i couldn't stop watching it. i wanted to show it to family, so ioste and voila. >> did ty ever get over his pulled heart? >> he never mentioned that when he came home. so i think he's probably doing
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all right. they hugged and made up since the poking. >> what made you start shooting the video? had this argue been going on for a little while? >> it started off when i told them we were going out to recess. i went outside and it was raining. i told the kids we couldn't go outside because it was raining. then the little argument between raining and sprinkling started. >> was it raining or was it sprinkling? >> it was obviously sprinkling. >> okay. >> whitney, what are you saying? >> raining. >> sprinkling. >> it's raining. >> ow. >> it's raining. >> you broke my heart. >> that's it for "right this minute." see you next time.
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a dude combines surfing and gymnastics. >> this is a stupid idea. >> especially when headed for an underpass. >> put your head down! >> a mythical creature grips iceland. >> what the experts are now saying this is. >> it's a gorgeous spot for paddle boarding. >> the buzz word to w


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